Services ACCC Will Provide

Azalea City Cat Coalition is an organization that provides spay & neuter assistance. Through the help of our greatly appreciated volunteers, one of our goals is to trap, neuter and return feral cats to help control the population in Mobile.

The Humain Society & other "shelters" do not save the lives of cats. They are Kill Facilities! You can help control the pet population without taking a life with just a little effort.

If needed, ACCC volunteers will:

Pet Adoption

Adoption events are held on the 4th Saturday of each month at Petsmart, from 11am to 3pm in Spanish Fort, AL.

All of our rescues are vaccinated and spayed or neutered PRIOR to adoption.

Types Of Cats

  • Tame
    Friendly.. Affectionate and easy to handle. Trusts humans, likes humans.
  • Squirelly
    Hard to pick up nervous around humans. Dashes off when you lean down to pet or pick them up. Winds around your legs at feeding time.
  • Feral
    Wont come with in 2 feet of a human. Runs of as soon as you head in their direction. Doesnít want to be touched at all.

Trapping: Need To Know

Do not leave traps out all night un-attended. It's not safe.

Never trap a cat unless you have a vet appointment lined up. Don't attempt to trap a cat on a Friday or Saturday.

Trapping Tips For...

  • Tame
    Can be placed in a pet taxi or carrier with a clean towel in the bottom for comfort.
  • Squirelly
    Can be tricked into a carrier with food placed in the back and then close the door quickly. Transport with light sheet over carrier.
  • Feral
    These cats should only be trapped according to proper methods as set out for Trap Neuter Return. Once caught covered with a light sheet to help them calm down and ready for transport to the vet. Remember to place cardboard or newspaper in the bottom of the trap so their feet donít have to rest on the grated cross wire. (They will be in there for hours.)